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AGRITEK Sustainable Solutions

Higher yielding crops, more resilient to pests and disease, natural and affordable

AGRITEK Sustainable Solutions

Enhances crop flavour and nutritional value, Increases plant resistance to pests & disease

AGRITEK Sustainable Solutions

Encourages faster root growth for water and nutrient uptake, Improves crop yields and quality

AGRITEK Sustainable Solutions

Ensures a healthy deep root system, Increases pasture blanket density & total digestive nutrients

AGRITEK Sustainable Solutions

Environmentally friendly, waterway safe and 100% natural products


Sustainable Solutions

AGRITEK is a New Zealand company specialising in agricultural biofertilisers, bioremediation, water treatment and animal health. Our Bio-Sustain product is helping growers and farmers worldwide develope a more profitable and sustainable future. Our priority is to help farmers & growers create optimum soil health resulting in high nutrient soils, healthier fruit, vegetables, crops, livestock and people. Our water treatment products are non-toxic, sustainable, probiotic based products. These products have been designed as a direct replacement to many chemicals currently being used in homes, commercial businesses and agriculture operations. We hope to encourage environmental awareness by delivering products that are fully sustainable, dynamic, highly effective and safe to use.

Natural Products

Agritek promotes healthy soil through the use of quality natural soil agronomic inputs and the latest Biotechnology.

Science to Solutions

Biofertilisers function as key player in sustainable agriculture by improving soil fertility, plant tolerance and crop productivity

Unsurpassed Technology

Bio-Sustain is a certified organic biological soil amendment. The micro-organisms in Bio-Sustain produce NPK and minerals for the plants.


Bio-Sustain – 1000 Litre IBC


Bio-Sustain – 20 Litre Drum


Bio-Sustain – 1 Litre Bottle

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